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Bioacoustics, the science of animal sounds, is a booming scientific field, with very strong academic and applied career potential. As bioacoustics become used in a wider range of fields, new sub-disciplines are regularly emerging (e.g. eco-acoustics, animal / machine interactions, freshwater acoustics, welfare acoustics etc.) leading to a steady diversification in academic and applied job profiles, supported by positions and funding.

The International Master of Bioacoustics (MoBi), a unique one year international and excellence training programme entirely taught in English, welcomes French and international students from diverse academic backgrounds: acoustics, ethology, ecology, biological conservation, evolution, neuroscience, informatics...

The aim of the MoBi program is to provide thorough knowledge and skills for students aspiring to access doctoral training in bioacoustics-related fields, as well as for scientists (e.g. neuroscientists, conservationists, etc) or environmental consultants aiming to incorporate bioacoustics in their skillset.

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